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Dispatch Module

Libra Systems' Dispatch Module helps asphalt and aggregate companies forecast, organize and manage job/truck scheduling to make the most
efficient use of resources and thereby improve the bottom line.

The primary functionality of the Dispatch Module is to plan future schedules and make informed decisions by:
  • assigning jobs to production sites
  • assigning trucks to transport product

Features of the dispatch module include:
  • Central scheduling of trucks across all sites via the Enterprise Information Server (EIS).
  • Local scheduling for production and trucks at the plant via the Generation3.
  • Provides a view by date and plant of scheduled jobs to quickly and easily show what is coming up at each plant, how plant capacity is being used, and how balanced the scheduling is across dates and plants.

  The Dispatch Review screen shows all dispatches, including color coding to show pending dispatches, dispatches that need or have extra trucks, and completion status. Trucks may be assigned to dispatches by simply dragging and dropping the truck icon. The view can be expanded/collapsed to show/hide individual trucks and any conflicts.
  Libra Dispatch Module graphic 2  
  • Allows trucks to be assigned to scheduled jobs. Simple drag and drop truck assignments make adding trucks quick and easy.
  • Helps coordinate transportation by reporting load-by-load truck schedules where trucks are needed, and any truck schedule conflicts.
  • assigning trucks to transport product
  • Allows jobs to be split and scheduled over multiple days and at multiple plants.
  • Provides reports on plant activity, scheduling and trucks.
  • Automatically adds dispatched trucks to Generation3 queue.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Libra self-service kiosk for automatic check-in.

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